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Question de Feoktistopdc :

Satellite " Yamal -402 " n'est pas venu en orbite _ttp://www.interfax.ru/news.asp?id=280005. En principe, il est nécessaire d'entrer plus facilement la gestion domestique et plus compréhensible - de vendre la totalité de l'huile avec la structure d'entreprise de gaz à éliminer, d'envoyer des travailleurs à l'étranger pour le travail, et par le passage à son premier vol en Amérique.

Re : Yamal 402 n'est pas entré en orbite


I fear that NASA's Gavin Schmidt has set a dangerous prenedect by his actions relative to the "analyses" done by Tom P.It has been revealed to us by The Certified Climate Scientists, and over the years we have been subjected to uncountable lectures on the subject, that just any ole riff-raff are not allowed to wander in off the street and comment on any of the technical and science issues related to the Great Climate Change.The following is a rough list of bona fides required by RC in order for comments to be valid prior to Tom P.1. Certified Climatologist2. Peer-Reviewed Publications3. In only the Properly-Certified Journals4. In only those Journals having a High-Impact Factor5. Known and verified Educational Pedigree 6. Comments limited to areas consistent with 5.7. Comments of 6 also limited to the extent of 5 at the time of graduation8. Replication from a clean slate9. No reliance on any aspects of previous work10. No funding by Big Oil, Big Gas, Big Coal, or any organizations associated with Big Fossil in any way11. No previous work experience in any of 1012. No funding by "conservative" think tanks.13. No funding by any think tanks to which 10 gives support14. Previous work results are known so that source can be used to dismiss or accept all results15. Proper identification so that 14 can be invokedSo far as I know, Tom P.'s status has not been established for any of these requirements.Additionally, look at what Schmidt has done. He has accepted point blank all the results from the blackest of black boxes as replication of Steve McIntyre's work. There is no light whatsoever shinning on Tom P.'s data, equations, coding, solution of the equations, interpretation of the results of the analyses; everything Tom P. has done is unknown.Equally important, it has previously been revealed to us that replication requires that none of the original work can be used in the replication. Tom P.'s analyses could have only been completed because he used information provided by McIntyre. Tom P. used everything McIntyre supplied and nothing more. Tom P.'s work has absolutely nothing original in it.This is all very un-settling. Who are we supposed to believe; Gavin Schmidt's former requirements or his recent actions? How can we ever know which comments are valid and which are not?There is a excellent up-side to this situation. In the future every time anyone at RealClimate throws up one of the previous requirements as sufficient reason to not even look at technical and science issues raised by a commenter, we can invoke the prenedect set by Gavin.

posté le 23/10/2015

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